Why One 'Mama' Is Relishing The Time Before Her Son Starts Calling Her 'Mom'

"I relish the magnitude of the title."

In a post on the Love What Matters Instagram account, one mother named Katie, who also runs the blog The Hen in the Fox House, writes about savoring the time her child calls her "Mama." The title, she says, represents a certain period in her child's life she wants to hold onto for forever.

"There will be a day when I go from Mama to Mom," Katie, writes. "A day when my heart will break slightly, a tiny crack forming with one missing syllable. A day when he'll put on his own socks. Find Chutes and Ladders childish. Push away when I stay too long with an embrace. There will be that day."

Katie then goes on to explain that even in those difficult times of motherhood, she'll take these thoughts into consideration:

"I remind myself of this during the draining moments when I can't read the same story one more night in a row, or I find myself repeating the same command to ears in a faraway land. I say it over in my head as I blink at the clock in the early morning light, wondering how the universe aligned to gift two night owls with the most cheerful early bird."


For now, Katie, writes, she'll "bathe" in all that makes her "Mama." 

"I relish the magnitude of the title. With every silly nickname and every ticklish foot. With every request for a hug after big feelings overtake a small body. For one day, I'll have blinked, and my familiar name will have slipped away." 

The piece, though it reminds us of the fleeting nature of childhood, is also a beautiful reminder for mothers — and all people — to cherish the time we have with our families. 


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