Woman Shares The Valuable Moment Her Daughter Made Her 'Feel Like An Ass'

"I came home this afternoon more mindful and definitely more thankful than when I left."

It's normal to be annoyed by certain things: your friend that won't stop calling, your neighbors who blast their music too loud, the cold weather, your latest project at work — but it's important we don't let these things stop us from appreciating all the good we have around us.

In a post shared on the Love What Matters Instagram account, one woman details how her 2-year-old daughter unexpectedly "put her in her place" and reminded her to be more giving, kind, and grateful. 


"This morning I was annoyed with life. Annoyed this winter is too cold for our poorly insulated house and that the below zero temps are freezing the pipes in our house, causing a slew of problems. Financially annoyed that we had to take money out of our emergency savings for groceries this week, let alone for a plumber. Annoyed at the long wait to see the girls' pediatrician this morning," Miranda Lunt writes on the post. Lunt then explains that on her drive home that day, she saw a man standing outside with a sign asking for money. It was freezing outside.

"There were a few dollars in my console staring at me so I held them out of my window for him. The entire time thinking he'll probably use the money for unhealthy bad habits, that I didn't have enough money for myself this week," Lunt continues.

But then Lunt's daughter asked her mother if she knew the man's name. At that moment, Lunt says she felt "like such an ass." 

"I was so focused on rolling my window up and down quickly, and driving away, lost in my own selfish, thoughts that I didn't even say 'you're welcome,' or look him in the eyes, let alone consider the fact he had a name. I made the thought process and giving to be about myself, not the fact that this was a man, a person, standing outside begging, regardless of the reason, in weather colder than I would leave my dog outside."

Attached to the post is a photo of Lunt's daughter, wearing a smile and a pink t-shirt that reads: "Never grow up."

Her story  has been met with a ton of positive comments from the Instagram community; many of those comments prove that others are touched by its message, too. 

"One of the best things I've read on Instagram," one person wrote.

"Kids will smack the reality back into you soooooo fast! I will never underestimate them. They keep me in check about the big stuff. We overcomplicate so many things as adults when children just 'get it' sometimes. Such an awesome and humbling experience to raise a child," another added.

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