Watch This Father's Priceless Reaction To Surprise Football Tickets

"My brother and I decided to surprise my dad for his 71st birthday with something he has always wanted."

When this man invited his two sons to watch a football game for his birthday, he had no idea his sons had bigger plans.

"My brother and I decided to surprise my dad for his 71st birthday with something he has always wanted. He has never been to a Georgia [versus] Florida game," the elder brother writes on the Love What Matters Facebook page

"My family is pretty tight-knit. My dad is a retired minister and has had some health issues over the past few years. I am the oldest of two boys. We grew up in a suburb of Atlanta, to two hard-working parents. They weren't able to always give a lot of 'things' but they would drop anything on a dime to be there for us. If you know anything about the South, we love football and the SEC. So, the Georgia Bulldogs are a second religion in my house," he continues. The writer also adds that his brother, Jason, is a University of Georgia graduate. 

In a video attached to the post, the writer's father can be seen opening up a present: a custom t-shirt his sons made for a Georgia fan. He's clearly delighted, and his sons suggest that he "wear it for the game on Saturday." 

"We'll wear it right here on Saturday," their father says, before hearing there's a slight change of plans in their schedule. They then announce that they're headed to Jacksonville to watch the game in-person.

"What do you mean?" their father asks, clearly surprised. "You're kiddin'! To the Georgia, Florida game? No...I'm really going to the game? ... On my birthday?!" 

"When we gave him the shirt, he thought that was the end of it!" the writer continues on Facebook. "To see that look on his face and to see how happy we were able to make him, meant everything to me. The pure love I have for my dad inspired this gift. He is my number one, always."

You can watch their father's adorable reaction in the full video below:


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