Mom Captures The Transience Of Childhood With A Single, Perfect Post On Facebook

"Mom, can you sing me a song?"

Online publication Love What Matters posted a touching story on Facebook with a photo by mom Laura Thielen. The image perfectly captures the fleetingness of the time parents have with their children. 

It's especially worth meditating on in the midst of high school graduation season as young people around the world leave the comfort of home and their parents to live somewhere else for the first time.

We should all take a moment to reflect on the simpler pleasures. A mother's song. A father's embrace. A meal shared with loved ones. 

This post will allow you that moment. See it in its entirety below.


"There won't be many more nights like this... Heck. I thought they were long gone."

Time flies. Make the most of it. Treasure every moment. 

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