17 Love Notes Between Couples Who Are Way Too Comfortable With Each Other

No shame in their note game.

Sure, adorable written ballads and sweet professions of infatuation on napkins are fun and all, but couples who are past that puppy love stage know that the best notes come way after that. They come when the partners enter a kind of love that may or may not involve bodily functions and half-ass attempts at affection.

The notes below are exactly that: a peak into the magical, but still very much adorable, world of couples who double as best friends who are over that lovey-dovey phase and just get straight to it.

With notes like these, love never looked so sweet — or hilarious.


1. Orange you glad oranges can double as paper?

2. Acronyms are way more fun than regular sentences anyway.

3. TMI.

4. True love is never letting chicken go to waste.

5. Riddles are sexy.

6. So is poor spelling, apparently.

7. And bananas, obviously.

8. Junk food is the way to the heart.

9. And cookie dough. Cookie dough can never fail.

10. Sometimes you gotta kill two birds with one stone.

11. B*tches really do love flowers.

12. Love letter or passive-aggressive note of caution?

13. Honesty is the best policy.

14. Gift notes work, too.

15. Sometimes you just gotta lay down the law.

16. What's the point of the other fluff anyway? Cut to the chase.

17. Now that's true love!


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