Watch Louis C.K. Win 'Jeopardy!' And Donate His Winnings To A Great Cause

$50,000 straight to the Fistula Foundation.

Jeopardy! has been the premier TV game show for a long time, in large part because it hasn't deviated much from the formula that's worked for more than 50 years. Every now and then it'll inject a little spice into the proceedings with a themed week, though, and the latest one has picked up a lot of attention because it's essentially a real-life Celebrity Jeopardy.

One of these "Power Players" to join for the action was none other than comedian, actor, writer, director, editor, and plenty-of-other-things-guy Louis C.K. While he sounded like he was just trying to avoid embarrassing himself in his introduction, he not only held his own against two journalists but walked away a winner.

Because he was able to top Kate Bolduan of CNN and The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart, he earned $50,000, all of which he donated to a worthy cause in the Fistula Foundation. The organization aims to end the suffering caused by obstetric fistula, an injury sustained in childbirth that leaves a woman incontinent.

Here's Louis explaining the his decision to play on behalf of the foundation:

So while the comedian entered just trying to raise awareness for the Fistula Foundation, and not completely crash and burn in the game itself, he managed to earn a sizable check for the cause and keep his reputation very much intact. Good on you, Louis.

To watch highlights of the episode, head here.

(H/T: Flavorwire)

Cover image: Jeopardy! via Twitter


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