Lost Sloth Ends Up In The Middle Of The Road And Waits For A Human Friend To Help Out


Why did the sloth cross the road?

According to reports, an adorable sloth was in the midst of crossing a road in Ecuador when it found itself in a bit of a predicament.

Photos uploaded to the Transit Commission of Ecuador's Facebook page reveal a lonely sloth hugging a metal pole attached to a guard rail in broad daylight. The wide-eyed animal appears to be patiently awaiting a little roadside assistance.

Thanks to observant officers, the sloth was rescued from its post and taken to a veterinarian, where it was found "to be in good health, and in 'optimal condition' to be returned home," Buzzfeed reports.


After the incident, Ecuador Transit Commission's executive director announced that animals found on roads and, thus, in danger, must be helped, ABC News explains.

Because how could you not?


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