Lorde Spent Her 21st Birthday Hiding Surprises For Fans Around New Zealand

“Left a little package in the city library behind this book.”

We'll never be "Royals," she says, but Lorde still treated some lucky fans like royalty on her 21st birthday yesterday, November 7. In advance of concerts in her home country of New Zealand, the birthday gal hid gifts around the cities of Dunedin and Christchurch, and then she sent her devotees on a scavenger hunt.


"DUNEDIN: Left a little package in the city library behind this book," she tweeted yesterday, alongside a picture of the book The New York Times Page One on a shelf in the library. "See you tonight!"

Five hours later, the package had been found: Twitter user @EmJUson picked up two tickets and a T-shirt emblazoned with a drawing by the pop star herself.

The next day, Lorde told Twitter followers she had left another package in Christchurch "behind this fellow," posting a photo of a gorilla sculpture on a bench. (No word on who found it — Twitter commenters reported that the package and the gorilla vanished.)

Lorde has surprised fans before — multiple times, in fact. After 19-year-old Emely Paula served her a smoothie while working at New York City's Liquiteria, the singer invited her to the Governors Ball music festival. "Was gonna ask u in the store if u wanted to come but I got shy!" Lorde said in her online outreach.

She also surprised a Kiwi superfan with a ride to school earlier this year — and even allowed that fan get a first listen to one of her new tracks. (The young woman wept, as we surely would have done.)

And in April, she wowed Coachella concertgoers with the track "Homemade Dynamite," two months before its release along with the rest of Melodramatic, her second studio album.

Gotta love stories of celebs giving back … via scavenger hunts or just over smoothies!

(H/T: Billboard)

Cover image via Instagram

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