This Fan Was Excited To Serve Lorde A Smoothie, But She Got An Even Bigger Surprise Later

"She made my morning."

Lorde gave her cashier at a New York City smoothie shop one heck of a tip this week. 

It all started Monday, when 19-year-old Liquiteria employee Emely Paula served the singer a Blue Velvet smoothie. After just two weeks in the position, she was excited to have encountered a celebrity in the shop, so she grabbed her phone and took a quick video with Lorde to post to social media.

"She made my morning," Paula captioned the video, in which Lorde smiles and holds up peace signs for the camera. She later told BuzzFeed of their conversation, "It really felt like I was talking to one of my friends."


Apparently Lorde enjoyed their conversation just as much, because later that day she sent Paula a direct message on Twitter inviting her to the Governors Ball, a music festival in New York where Lorde is performing this weekend.

Paula posted a screenshot of the interaction, in which the singer admits she was going to invite her when they talked in the store, but she "got shy." She added that the gesture was to celebrate Paula's new job.

The fan's tweet includes photos of her reaction the next morning: "Woke up trying to figure out if last night was a dream or real life..."

Apparently it's real life, and Paula said yes. She told BuzzFeed that this will be her first music festival.

We love that Lorde went out of her way to do something special for a fan. And as an added treat, the singer teased on Twitter that new music from her sophomore album Melodrama will be arriving this week.

Now raise your hand if you're craving a smoothie.

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