Nice Guy Finishes Last In Adorable Argument With Toddler

"I'm your boss until you're 18" fails to compel compliance.

There are some forces in the world that, with persistence and time, will eventually overcome any and all obstacles, and make their way onward to the next. Water is like that, cleaving and eroding miles and miles of Earth, carving rivers from streams and wearing the largest boulders into sand in the depths of the sea's kingdoms. Other forces overwhelm all at once, quickly exhausting opposition and conquering obstacles with ease. Think of a tornado, for example. 

And then there are toddlers. Toddlers wield both kinds of force. They can exhaust you with senseless counter-arguments that yield no ground and concede nothing to your authority, and then, should they sense defeat, pummel you into submission with a carefully timed tantrum. Toddlers are like Greek deities in miniature: when they are happy, everyone around them can rest easy ... But if you anger them, they will pour their wrath down upon you and terrorize you until they have either exhausted their seemingly endless reserves of rage or until you let them have ice cream for breakfast.

Sometimes, however, their arguments lack any real source of intent. Much of communication for young children is what amounts to practice, from the pleased gurgles of an infant to what sounds like babble from a 1-year-old, kids need to practice talking, practice interacting and, yes, practice asserting themselves. It's how we grow out of wanting to stand on the television table and put underwear on the cat. Those moments are pretty special. 

LOLAntics describe themselves as a "happy Irish family with an odd little daughter" who chronicles their daughter Lola's growing up and their lives on YouTube and Instagram


Lola became an Internet superstar back in January with this hilarious video of her arguing with her father.

Thankfully, 15-month-olds don't really know what "Internet famous" means, so we're hoping the 29,000,000 page views didn't go to her head. 

It's a cute look at a kid who might be practicing for bigger battles. Sure, dad, you can pick her up off the table now, but what are you going to do when she insists she needs a new car? 



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