Listen Up Muggles, There's Finally A Harry Potter-Themed Bar And It's Glorious

They've serve much more than just Butterbeer.

We don't know why it took so long for there to be a Harry Potter-themed bar, but now there is one. 

In Canada. 

The Lockhart, which recently opened in Toronto, is a place where all Muggles are welcome. While the bar is definitely HP themed, it's subtle rather than kitschy. 

"Without knowing any of the Harry Potter stuff, you already will think of this as a cool bar. You'd come here and see the stag's head on the wall and go, 'Wow, I love that,' but a Harry Potter fan might say, 'That's a Patronus,' " co-owner Paris Xerx told Now Toronto.


The Harry Potter hints are on the subtle side, but they're definitely there. They've got the books, Harry Potter POP! dolls and a Deathly Hallows symbol hiding somewhere.

One of the most magical touches may be the neon sign that reads "all was well." To a non-Harry Potter fan, it's just a pretty sign with a nice saying. To everyone else, it's the last line in the final Harry Potter novel. 

You can order from the "Potions and Elixirs" menu at the bar that was designed to look like an apothecary. Of course, no Harry Potter place would be complete without a little mystery. So, the owners have teased that one of their drinks has such an obscure reference, you'll get a free one if you correctly guess it. Naturally, Reddit users have already started tackling the challenge

So what are some of the delicious "potions" you can expect to see on the menu?

1. The Botanist

Made with cucumber-infused gin, agave, lime juice, tonic, cucumber garnish and lime bitter. 

2. The Shacklebolt

Made with house-infused spiced rum, house made ginger beer, ginger ale, lime juice, garnish and ginger bitter. 

3. The Tinworth Iced Tea

Made with orange-infused vodka, lemon-infused gin, tequila, triple sec, lemon and Coca-Cola. 

4. Dr. Manhattan

Made with bourbon, vermouth and Luxardo liquor. 

5. The Beach House

Made with bourbon, lemon juice, egg white, agave, lemon bitter and cherry garnish. 

People are already loving it.

So make your way over to Toronto and have a magical night. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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