15 Reasons It's Not Cool Living With Your Parents, But It Is Funny

Hope you like your parents as your roommates.

You've just graduated from college and now you're moving back in with the two people who sent you to college in the first place. While moving back in with your parents as an adult is frustrating, it turns out that more than 30 percent of millennials are living at home for reasons such as saving money. However, living with your parents can be tricky.

Here are 15 reasons why moving back with your parents can be tough, but it's a way of life:

1. Sleeping in the same bedroom from when you were, like, 5 years old.

I wonder if this kid is still sleeping in this same bedroom at his parents' house

2. Parents keep nagging you to get a job.

MRW my parents nag at me to get a job

3. You'll deny living at home when your friends ask you about it.

4. Dinner is on your parents' schedule.

5. You have to wait until your parents are gone until you can have some fun.

6. Sneaking out is not as much fun as it was when you were a kid.

Living with your parents when you're 20

7. They keep bothering you about everything.

MFW my older siblings move out and I'm stuck living alone with my parents

8. Gone are the days when you could wear PJs all of the time.

9. This is true ...

10. ... and so it this.

11. You start to question your other friends who have already moved out.

12. Good luck coming home late without waking your parents up.

When you're trying to quietly tiptoe around the dark house without waking anyone up and you don't see the stupid cat...

13. Your parents will hear you when you're alone with your significant other ...

14. ... and you'll hear your parents when they are getting intimate with each other.

15. And this pretty much sums up how you're feeling when you first move in ... but you'll get used to it eventually.

Lost my job, lost my GF, lost the house, junk car finally does not work, had to move back with the parents...fml


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