Big Sister's Bad Morning Instantly Turns Around When She Sees Her Little Sis

Turns out, the best medicine for a bad day is a baby sister.

We've all had mornings where we wake up frustrated, upset, or just generally in a bad mood. It can be tough to turn your day around when you start it off on such a bad note. But, luckily for Ellia, her mom had just the thing to cheer her up — her newborn sister Tessa. 

In a video posted to the YouTube channel Story of This Life, run by Ellia and Tessa's mom Esther Anderson, we see the sweet moment between the two sisters. Ellia wakes up sobbing, so her mom asks her to come over to the couch where she's holding Tessa. As soon as Ellia cuddled up with her sis, the tears stopped and her day was looking much, much better. 

"Do you feel better now?" Esther asks.

Ellia nods. "I love her," she says. "So much."

Watch the adorable moment in the video below:  


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