4-Year-Old Girl Has A Perfect Response To The Boy Who Called Her 'Ugly'

"Bye bye. See you later. You're making me mad."

We all know how the saying goes: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." But according to the National Education Association, bullying occurs every seven minutes throughout schools in America. And as a result of both physical and verbal harassment, approximately 160,000 kids skip school on any given day.

While verbal bullying might be harder to recognize than physical bullying, it can have a devastating effect on the child's self-image and self-esteem. Victims of bullying are more likely to develop anxiety, depression and even health problems.


Fortunately, the world has a few incredible sources of inspiration, teaching us how to deal with mean people without getting down to their level. 4-year-old Siahj "Cici" Chase is one of them.

A few months back, Siahj's mom, Sonya Chase, shared a video of her daughter talking about what happened at the school that day. Apparently, one of Siahj's classmates called her "ugly."

But nothing could have prepared him (or us) for this sassy little girl's response.

"I didn't come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn, not look pretty."

Mic drop.

(H/T: BuzzFeed


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