You Have To See How This Precious Little Girl Reacts To Her Own Fart

Adorably stinky.


Passing gas in front of other people can be a little embarrassing, but this little girl just totally owns it. YouTube user GABE'S CHANNEL posted an adorable video of his twin nieces, Aubrey and Presley. 

"My twin nieces Aubrey and Presley watch out for one another," their uncle writes in the video description. "And when the going gets tough, they usually fart. Definitely the biggest highlight of my Christmas vacation." 

After Presley walks out of the room, Aubrey lets out a little toot. Filled with laughter and excitement, she belts out a "YEAAAAH" and then declares it's stinky, before walking out of the room. 

But don't worry, she excuses herself before she does. 

So, next time you're a little embarrassed about farting in front of others, just channel your inner Aubrey, laugh about it, and excuse yourself. 


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