5-Year-Old Girl Gets The Opportunity To Interview Pink And It's Just As Heartwarming As You'd Think

"Why is your name Pink?"

W magazine knows kids have got some great questions, which is why it's let them run one-on-one interviews with major celebrities. In the past, a 7-year-old sat down with singer Katy Perry to learn more about her music career, style inspiration, and more. She also had the opportunity to pick Pharrell's brain about five things that make him happy, the planet he would live on besides Earth, and what his favorite song was as a child. 

Now, Alecia Moore, aka Pink, is sitting in the hot seat. This time around, 5-year-old Madelyn Mannette was the little kid interviewer. After feeding her some gross candy, she got right down to the tough questions written down in her notebook. 

"Why is your name Pink?" she asked. 


"Because when I get embarrassed my cheeks blush and they turn pink," Pink explained. 

"What's your favorite tatto?" Madelyn wanted to know. 

Pink searched her body and then decided on one on her arm. "Maybe this right here, says, 'What goes around comes around.' And that means if you're really nice to people, they'll be nice to you back. That's the hope, right?" 

Madelyn went on to ask Pink about her favorite song, her favorite male singer, her favorite food, whether or not she likes candy, and what her Halloween costume is going to be. What's so great about these kid interviews is that they don't think of these celebrities as any different from other people. Their questions are the innocent things they'd love to learn about anyone. 

You can check out Pink's answers in the video below:


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