5-Year-Old Tries Making Her First Beauty Tutorial, And Things Go Hilariously Wrong

You've gotta start somewhere.

Five-year-old Aubrey watches tons of beauty tutorials online and thought it was about time she created one of her own. So, she asked her grandma to set up a tablet to could record herself. 

What grandma didn't know was Aubrey planned to cut her own hair in the video. 

"We didn't even think that scissors were there," her grandmother, Debbie Arnold, told ABC News. "We set her up in the kitchen and we were in the next room chatting, just figuring she was having a good time — and she was."

With sheer confidence and passion to teach her would-be followers the art of haircutting, Aubrey haphazardly chops off her bangs. "If you get the hairs on there, it's great," she says on camera. 

Her haircut may not have gone exactly as planned, but we wouldn't be surprised if Aubrey grows up to be a beauty guru. After all, the video was posted almost two weeks ago and has over 19 million views. She's already gaining a following. 

(H/T: Buzzfeed


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