Little Girl Forges Note From School, Saying 'Kids Will Get One More Week Off School'

Misguided, but genius.

Last week, Reddit user locke-in-a-box posted a pretty adorable photo with the caption "My daughter got the mail today (it's Sunday), apparently they have another week off school." 

The note, written by 7-year-old Cara, was meant to convince her parents that school decided to extend vacation time for the students. 

Here's what she wrote: 

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"The school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here." 

Seems like all little kids forge a note or two before learning it's wrong, but this note is particularly precious as we can all relate to wanting just a little more vacation time. 

Plus, this might have worked if the line under Cara's name was a little more straight, and the arrow was colored red instead of green. Just kidding. 

But, real talk — Cara, we feel you, and we really do wish this was a genuine note from the "school compnay." 

"This kid is going places ... specifically school tomorrow," comments one Redditor. 

Hardy har har. 

(H/T: SomeECards


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