Little Girl Inspires Us All To Face Our Fears And Help Others Face Them, Too

Sometimes little sisters are the ones rescuing big brothers.

Halloween can be a particularly scary time for kids. There are tons of spooky decorations hanging everywhere and surprises lurking all over the place, ready to jump out at any moment. 

That much is obvious after watching a video recently posted on the Kyoot Kids Facebook page. In it, a little girl and her older brother were taken aback when a scary skeleton popped out at them and emitted an unpleasant noise. The older brother immediately screamed in fear. After taking one look at him, his younger sister was ready to fight the scary skeleton for him. She walked right up to it and punched it a few times, showing her brother he had nothing to be afraid of. 

In just 15 seconds, this fierce little girl reminded us of the importance of facing fears and helping to reassure our loved ones when they're afraid, too. 

The video was posted just two days ago and has already been viewed over 2 million times. The comments section is filled with praise for the tough little girl. "I love this little girl!" one commenter wrote. "She's her big brother's hero!! Way to go sweetie!"

Of course, we don't encourage anyone to attack other people's property, but we do agree with the sentiment to face the things that scare us head on. 

You can watch the adorable video below. 

(H/T: Huffington Post

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