Adorable Little Boys Give Dating Advice To Women

“... you’re going to be a great girlfriend.”

Getting good dating advice can sometimes be tricky. Some people turn to their friends for wisdom about courtship and other people speak to so-called "relationship experts" for advice. But it seems some of the most interesting advice might come from a group of people who have never even been on a date — little kids. 

This is proven to be true in a recent Cosmopolitan video where six women seek relationship advice from a group of four little boys. It's a follow-up from a previous Cosmopolitan video in which the same boys delivered relationship advice to grown men.

In the video, the women asked the boys important relationship questions, and, in turn, the boys offered somewhat sound advice.

For example, when one woman asked if she should kiss her date, the boys told her to "just kiss him" without any hesitation. Or when one woman asked how many dates does it take to make a relationship official, and the boys told her "100."

While the answers were adorable and amusing, there were some nuggets of wisdom dished out by the boys, especially after one woman asked if she should say "I love you" to her boyfriend before he does.

"Listen to what your heart says," one boy said.

With sweet answers like that, it's no wonder the women hugged and thanked the boys for their knowledge.


Watch the full video:


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