This 6-Year-Old Boy's Tale of Hilarious Heartbreak Will Definitely Put Your Own Love Life Woes Into Perspective

Your last Tinder might not seem so bad after hearing what kids these days have to go through.

Between dating apps, social media, and hookup culture, many millennials think no one has a tougher time of finding romance than their generation. 


But, as they say, the children are the future —  even when it comes to breakups.

In a viral video posted to Twitter on Dec. 12, Elijah Figueroa, 6, proved this adage hilariously true when he described a recent dating debacle to his aunt, Molly Rodriguez. After giving Rodriguez's phone number to his first grade girlfriend so they could chat on the phone later, Figueroa received a heavy dose of heartache. Not only did his girlfriend want to break up with him, but she had already "cheated" on him with none other than his friend, Jared. 

To add insult to injury, the first grader had to endure a whole gym class with a broken heart.

""It's a hard day for you, huh?" Molly asked. 

"I had P.E.," Elijah responded. "So yes, yes it was." 

And in that moment, we were all Elijah.

While he may no longer have the love of his ex-girlfriend, Figueroa can at least take solace in the more than 89,000 'likes' from Twitter users. The video also been retweeted 61,000, and many have used the #4ellen hashtag to draw the attention of the Ellen Degeneres Show to this adorable tale of pint-sized heartache. 

"I wasn't expecting that many views or for it to go viral, so it was very shocking to see how many peoples [sic] attention this video caught," Rodriguez told A Plus via Twitter. "Elijah says he is famous, and he is going to be on the Ellen show soon haha."  

Surely, if the good people of Twitter can get Elijah on 'Ellen,' one of them must have a little sister, cousin, or niece they can set him up with.

As with all the other great love stories of our time, from Romeo and Juliet to Brad and Angelina, only time will tell. 

(H/T: Irish Examiner)

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