Toddler Copies His Uncle's Modeling Pics In Hilariously Adorable Series

"Who wore it better?"

Some people take Instagram a little too seriously, so it's always a treat when we see people get more playful with it. Twenty-eight-year-old Aristotle Polites moved to New York City to pursue modeling and frequently posts photos showcasing his skills. Naturally, as any good sibling would, his sister, Katina Behm, 34,  found a way to lightly, but humorously mock him. She recreates his Instagram photos with her adorable 18-month-son Augie.

The whole thing started when Augie wasn't having much fun getting dressed one day. He refused to let his mom button up his button-down and, instead, walked around with the shirt open, showcasing his belly. 

"So I found a picture of my brother that looked like that and I sent it to my family and said, 'Who wore it better?'" Behm told TODAY. "They were just laughing and saying I should share them online."


Now, Behm regularly recreates Polites' photos by dressing Augie up in matching outfits and having him pose in a similar way. She puts Polites and Augie's photos side-by-side and shares them on an Instagram dedicated to the project, @babyandthebody

The account, which was started in December 2016, has grown to have over 6,000 followers and Behm tags each post with #WhoWoreItBetter. 

"I just found this page. My first thought, baby wins all the time. It's a cute baby!" one commenter wrote. "But this baby's uncle ain't going down without a fight!"

"These pictures are great! What a fun and creative idea," another commenter wrote. "I'm sure your brother loves these, and your son will too when he's older." 

Creating the photos is a great way for Augie and his mom to bond, but it's also been fun for their whole family. Polites finds the whole thing hilarious and even shares the side-by-side photos on his own Instagram. But the rest of the family is enjoying the joke too. 

In fact, Behm told TODAY that because her 88-year-old grandmother doesn't have Instagram, she emails her the photo every week before she posts it. "I send her the photo on Sunday nights and call her and she goes, 'Is it time?!'" Behm said. "So she'll run upstairs with me on the phone because she wants me to be on the phone when she first looks at it."

The project is a creative and silly way for the family to bond and the photos are sure to make for some great memories. And, who knows, maybe Augie will end up helping his uncle's modeling career really take off. 

You can check out some of Augie's recreations below. 











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