'Hamilton' In 3 Minutes, Performed By Lin-Manuel Miranda And A 7-Year-Old Presidential Expert

Spoiler alert!

What do you get when you invite both Hamilton-star Lin-Manuel Miranda and 7-year-old presidential expert, Macey Hensley, to The Ellen Show? One pretty epic performance, that's what. 

In a segment on DeGeneres's Show Me More Show on YouTube, Miranda and Hensley team up to perform Hamilton in just three minutes. On Broadway, Hamilton has made quite a name for itself, winning 11 Tony Awards in a night, as well as other awards. 

Back on Ellen, Miranda kicks things off by giving a quick, general overview of the show in layman's terms, tossing in some song lyrics like "I am not throwing away my shot!" from the show's soundtrack. Then, Hensley shows up on screen, singing lyrics from "Aaron Burr, Sir."

The duo continues through the rest of the show as fast as they can and successfully complete it. 

Check it out below, but spoiler alert — you'll find out how the show ends. 



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