Lin-Manuel Miranda And J.J. Abrams Have The Best Tribute For Star Wars Day

Jabba the Hutt would be proud.

Fans waiting to see the Tony-nominated Hamilton got a big surprise on Wednesday when creator Lin-Manuel Miranda gave a memorable performance in the front of the theater.

The performance was in honor of May 4, which is the unofficial Star Wars Day.

"I had the good pleasure of having to contribute a song to the latest Star Wars movie," Miranda told the crowd outside of the theater. "I co-wrote it with someone who's incredible, and he's not known as a composer and a performer, but is one and is making his Broadway singing debut on these steps today. Please give it up for J.J. Abrams."

Abrams walked out and the crowd cheered.

He saw Hamilton last year and discussed with Miranda about writing a song for the new Star Wars film during the scene with Maz Kanata. Miranda secretly wrote the song and it wasn't even included in the film's soundtrack.

The song was called "Jabba Flow" and the lyrics are in Huttese, the native language of Jabba the Hutt and his slug-like creatures.

"I went to a website that had all of the Huttese glossary of terms. And it translates as, 'No, lover lover, it wasn't me,' Miranda said. "It's literally a Shaggy intergalactic remix."


After Miranda and Abrams performed the song, they announced that it would be available for people to download on iTunes and the Star Wars website.


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