When This Husky And Cat Get Together, They Are Totally The Biggest Besties You've Ever Seen

Like Starsky & Hutch.

Most of us have a BFF we can count on.


Well these BFFs are no different!

When Lilo the Husky and Rosie the Kitty get together, they always have each others backs.

Whether it's climbing up trees, going on hikes or visiting the doctor, these two are just completely inseparable. 

That shot won't hurt as much now that Rosie has some kisses from Lilo.

You better not hurt my friend! (Getting booster shots)

Nothin' like a lil' chill time after the vet.

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Lilo has Rosie's back even when she decides to spontaneously climb up a tree.

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You eat my leg? I eat your face.

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You see those birds!?!

Bird watching on way the out of the vet, already forgotten the booster shots..

If this doesn't sum up best friends, we don't know what does. Look how proud Rosie is to have a friend like Lilo.



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