Lilly Singh Claps Back At Ignorant Commenter With Fierce Geography Lesson

"You may recognize some of these countries we’re flying over as places immigrants come from to steal your jobs."

YouTube personality Lilly "Superwoman" Singh garners millions of viewers for each video she posts and has amassed a Twitter following of upwards of 2.3 million, but even she has her naysayers.

When Singh came across a racist and sexist comment on one of her videos — in which the poster named Timothy told her to go back to her country and called her a "terrorist paki afghan indian muslim slut" — the poster was so blatantly ignorant and ill-informed that Singh knew she had to clap back in some way. 

Her response? An epic geography lesson with some not-so-subtle jabs aimed at Timothy, whom Singh labeled a "racist idiot" undeserving of an internet connection.

In Singh's "Geography For Racists," she starts off by clarifying that she's from Canada, not any of the countries Timothy erroneously mentioned. "But I'm assuming you thought my country was somewhere else," she says with a smile. "So let's fly across the world to the country of Paki-Afghan-India."


Though Singh is delivering these zingers with a smile plastered across her face, she's obviously taking aim at Timothy's xenophobic and populist views.

"You may recognize some of these countries we're flying over as places immigrants come from to steal your jobs, or, just the same countries you steal oil from," Singh quips before clarifying that Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India are, in fact, three separate nations.

As for Timothy's jab at Muslims? Singh has a retort for that, too.

"Although there are approximately 175 million Muslims in India, there are approximately two billion in the whole world, which means if every Muslim was a terrorist, you wouldn't stand a goddamn chance. Good thing they're not!"

When sharing a link to the video on Instagram, Singh opened up about why she decided it was time to put trolls in their place. 

"My mantra is to focus on the positive and promote what you love, but every once in a while it's healthy (and tbh fun) to let the sass out," she writes. "That's what I did when replying to this particular racist comment. Welcome to Geography 101 for Racists, where I help ignorant people understand everything that exists outside of their bubble."


"I hope you've enjoyed this trip to where you think I'm from," Singh says in conclusion. "And I promise, if I ever meet a genie, all three of my wishes will be for you to get an atlas. To be honest, whether I went back to my 'country' of Pakistan, India, or even Canada, I don't see how that would benefit you, since my tax bracket helps pay for your kids' education."

And with that final barb, Singh drops the mic, or, in this case, the pointer she was using to indicate countries on the map.

"Geography For Racists" has been viewed over four million times since it was posted on June 8, and many of the comments are overwhelmingly positive. As one viewer puts it, "You just made Youtube great again."

And although the focus wasn't really on geography, Singh's message highlights an important notion that we've discussed before — knowledge (including geographic knowledge) is key to understanding and empathizing with others, and it's one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal to come together, despite our differences.


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