The 10 Most Fire Lil Wayne Lyrics To Listen To On 4/20

"No Reggie Man..."

Lil Wayne has put out a lot of music.

So much music that we'd understand if you didn't remember every hilariously phrased jab and brilliant turn of phrase, especially on a day like today. No worries. We got you covered.

Here are the top 10 Lil Wayne lyrics about that "Mary Jane" to get you started on your 4/20 celebrations.


1. "Playin' touch football on marijuana street, or in a marijuana field, you are so beneath my cleats."

"I Feel Like Dying"

2. "Pass me the swisher, let me climb these trees."

"Dedication 3"

3. "I'm... lightin', lightin', light the thing, light the thing, no Reggie man. And we smoke that Kush."


4. "Ridin' by myself smokin' weed by the acre."

"Upgrade U"

5. "Inside of the Phantom and it's lookin' like a sauna, and I still stay high and I still got my diploma."

"Cali Dro"

6. "She let me hide my weed in her titties."

"Sure Thing"

7. "Ain't nothing sweet but the Swishers, I’m focused might as well say 'cheese' for the pictures."

"I'm On One"

8. "I love her like p*ssy, money, weed."

"P*ssy Money Weed"

9. "All I know is I do it, what I'm smoking I grew it."

"No Worries"

10. "I guess I'm the number one Lakers fan, Yellow bottle, yellow bottle, purple bag, purple bag."

"Poppin' Them Bottles"

Check out Wayne's video from this day last year here.

And like that, we're gone. Happy 4/20!


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