'Lights Of Christmas' Illuminates Sydney, Australia

Can't look away.

In Australia, one city celebrates Christmas in a big, beautiful way.

"Lights of Christmas," presented by PAYCE, will keep St. Mary's Cathedral illuminated by gorgeous 3D graphics from dusk through midnight in the days leading up to the holiday. 

"The size of the images are massive — they're sized at 17,640,000 pixels, with 264,000 lumens of projected light used to illuminate the facade," Mashable reports.

Moreover, the "Lights of Christmas" Facebook page explains that the illuminations provide the opportunity for unification: 

"The stunning illuminations tell a story of community service and giving, where all of Australia's cultures and backgrounds come together and wish the world peace and harmony."

In addition to such light, each evening also includes the beauty of sound, featuring "the city's best soaring choral voices," according to Facebook.

Perhaps, as people experience the art, they will feel encouraged to spread such light and positivity to those throughout the world. 


Already, viewers have been sharing this magical holiday tradition through pictures with the hashtag #lightsofchristmas — and we can't look away.

(H/T: Mashable)


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