13 Lies Everyone Tells, But No One Admits To

You know it's true.

Let's face it, everyone lies. Sure, some more than others, but there are some fibs that just come as second nature to us. 

We all kind of universally know that certain lies are lies, but we just ignore it. For the most part, they're really not worth getting upset over. We tell them even though we know most people will know we're lying and we don't get too angry when people say them to us. 

Whether you've told them or you've heard them, these are some of those lies we just can't get away from: 

1. "I didn't get your text."

2. "I'll send you the link."

3. "We should hang out sometime!"

4. "I'm on my way."

5. "Your newborn baby is so cute!"

6. "I don't care what anyone thinks of me."

7. "I wasn't even that drunk."

8. "My phone died."

9. "I'll just have one."

10. "I don't remember that."

11. "I have read the terms and conditions."

12. "I fell asleep."

13. "I'm so over it."


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