Clever 'Pop Up' Furniture That Takes Only Seconds To Set Up


If you ever watched "Love Actually," you most likely remember the desk Colin Firth's character worked at. Yep. Just him and his typewriter. Outdoors. In the middle of nature. What could be more perfect than that?

Now, in reality setting up such exemplary workspace is trickier than you think. Just imagine having to drag a huge wooden desk to some field in a middle of nowhere. Sounds like a massive pain, right?


One could argue that Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner, two Vienna-based visual artists, have just the right solution. Not necessarily as stable, but certainly hella stylish. The two artists teamed up to create what they refer to as "pop up" furniture.

Now that's a pretty neat workspace, right?

And it only takes a second to set it up. Literally.

The statement they sent A+ explains the idea behind this installation more in detail:  

The sculpture, entirely made out of cardboard and tape, can be opened and closed like a book. Using the technique of pop ups a mobile working station consisting of a desk, a chair and a laptop appears and disappears.

The market demands flexible, mobile employees, ready to work at any time and any place. Pop Up looks like a perfect working station for them. However, the working station is neither flexible nor solid nor practical. What seemed great and magical at first, turns out to be fragile and not functional at all. 

A bit like in real life, right?

And here comes the corner seat... or "eckbank" as they call in German.

The second installation Scheffknecht and Wagner teamed up on was this fab corner seat. As Scheffknecht explained to A+, the corner seat is typical of Austrian households and symbolizes coziness, steadiness and tradition. After all, that's were you gather and hang out with your friends and family. 

Hmm...It takes seconds to put it together and it does looks perfect, but is it actually stable enough? 


These installations are not only design masterpieces, but they actually make us question things. We'd like to know what you think.

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