Makeup Artist Transforms People Into The Most Realistic-Looking Comic Book Heroes


Many of us spent our childhoods flipping through comic books and dreaming of one day becoming superheroes. And while that day might not have come just yet, judging by her work, Canadian makeup artist Lianne Moseley knows how to make all our childhood dreams come true.

Armed with brushes and face paint, Moseley transforms real, three-dimensional human beings into the most realistic-looking superheroes we've ever seen. Be it She-Hulk's or Wolverine's, they all look like they stepped straight out of a comic book's pages.

Scroll down to see Moseley's masterpieces. 

Whoa. We'd be lying if we said that Moseley's superheroes don't give us chills.

If you liked her work as much as we did, make sure to check out her Instagram account.

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