A Mom Responded With Positivity After Being Told Her Bikini Wasn't Appropriate For The Pool

#Mombods deserve love too.

While most Americans are able to unwind and kick back during days spent at swimming pools in the summer, a new mom's recent visit to a community pool was a little less than relaxing. Luckily, she took it all in stride.

On August 2, Lexi Sinclair of Kansas City sported a bikini while attending to her 4-month-old son, Christian, at a pool. According to a Facebook post from Sinclair, an older woman approached her and suggested that she wear a one-piece suit in the future "because a bikini isn't appropriate for a mother, especially one who's 'still recovering.'"

In a character-defining moment, Sinclair immediately responded, but not with anger. She reportedly told the woman that she was proud of her body for giving birth to a "beautiful miracle."

"No, my body might not be the best sight for other men to see," Sinclair said, according to her Facebook post. "My stretch marks and tummy pudge might not be sexy. But they're proof that I've done something amazing, and I have a man that loves me and finds me even sexier and more beautiful now. To be honest, I don't give a tiny rat's ass what other men, or a prissy twit like you, think. Have a nice day, though."

She posted a Facebook photo while wearing her bikini and holding Christian. As of August 8, her post has received over 23,000 shares.


Sinclair told NBC Chicago that she didn't expect her post to go viral, but she's glad that it did because of the positive messages she received.

"I think the most beautiful message I've received was from a man whose wife struggles with self-image," she told CNN. "He says after reading my post, she feels beautiful again and he loves how happy I've made her again."

Sinclair's story highlights the stigma that haunts some moms after childbirth. A 2014 study published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth concluded that the unrealistic expectations that some moms have for their postpartum bodies must be met with better support from health professionals.

A recent social media hashtag, #TakeBackPostpartum, is empowering new moms to overcome the stigma.

A Plus reached out to Sinclair for a comment.

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