Leslie Jones May Or May Not Be Lying To Jimmy Fallon About This Crazy Olympics Story

She's the "True Confessions" master.

We all know Leslie Jones is hilarious on Saturday Night Live, and she has the best Game of Thrones commentary. But did you know she's also a total master at Jimmy Fallon's game of truth and lies, "True Confessions"?

The Tonight Show host learned just how clever Jones is when he joined her, as well as comedian Keegan-Michael Key, around a dimly lit table Tuesday night. The three of them took turns reading statements about their lives, and it was up to the other two to figure out if they were lying. In the past, Fallon has played with Jennifer Lawrence, who told quite the Hunger Games set story.


Key and Fallon are the first to share their stories. Key claims he "got paid to dress as a caveman for a singing telegram company," while Fallon says he rode a Jet Ski with Madonna. Jones is no fool to their attempts at deceiving her, correctly guessing whether or not they're telling the truth.

When it comes time for Jones to share her own story, she tells her fellow players that she got lost at the 2016 Rio Olympics and hitched a ride with a guy on a horse. Not only does she steer the men in the totally wrong direction, but she also gives some hilarious answers to their questions. 

Find out the truth (or lie) in the video below:

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