Leo Reacting To His Own Viral Video Of Lady Gaga Bumping Him Is All Sorts Of Amazingness

The first power couple of 2016!

We all saw the Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio bump and reaction at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.


In case you missed the bump heard 'round the world, this is what happened.

Lady Gaga was walking to the stage to accept her award for "Best Actress in a Limited TV Series or TV Motion Picture" for her role on "American Horror Story," and along the way, she happened to bump Leo sitting at his table.

Nobody was sure if this was on purpose or just by accident, but Leo's reaction raised even more questions. He seemed to be sharing a joke with someone at his table and then looked up in shock, awe and horror as Gaga walked by.

While the world pondered what actually happened, little did we know Leo was actually watching the trending video on a reporter's smart phone backstage.

Along with his director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, from the award winning movie "The Revenant," the duo re-watched the magical moment with Entertainment Tonight.

Leo couldn't believe the moment was trending worldwide and watched the clip with excitement. Upon seeing his expression he just shot back and laughed, "Oh boy!" 

Iñárritu couldn't believe it either and started cracking up.

Really, Leo said he just didn't know who was passing him and clearly had no cruel intentions with his look whatsoever.

Watch the funny interview below.


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