Lena Dunham Talks Going Braless, 'Girls' Castmates, And Donald Trump In '73 Questions' Video

"I'd like to be remembered for having fun ..."

In Vogue magazine's latest episode of its "73 Questions" series, Lena Dunham takes viewers inside her one-of-a-kind home to answer all of the publication's latest questions.

In the interview, Dunham talks about everything from going braless and wearing pantsuits to her role models, her fears, and the one thing she'd like to be remembered for. 

"I'd like to be remembered for having fun, but I will probably be remembered for visiting the emergency room more than anybody else you know," she says. 

Dunham also speeds through a description of her nine tattoos, which include a snake wrapped around the moon on her butt and another of Laura Thornhill, one of the first female skateboarders in history. 

At the end of the interview, Dunham wraps things up by singing a hypothetical version of a Girls theme song in a super-high-pitched voice. Because why not?

You can check out all this and more in the full video below:


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