Watch Lena Dunham And Jimmy Fallon Call Each Other's Bluff In 'Box Of Lies'

"You lie!"

Lena Dunham and Jimmy Fallon might not want to take up poker, if their "Box of Lies" strategy is anything to go by. The pair played the game last night on The Tonight Show, and it yielded some interesting results.

The rules of the game are that two players each choose a box containing an unusual item that the other person can't see. They can either tell the truth about the item or make something up. Their opponent must then determine if they're lying.

Things started out a little shaky for Lena, who opened her first box to find a stack of Leonardo DiCaprio photos captioned "Frances McDormand." We would say you can't make this stuff up, but clearly someone did, and it's hilarious.


Lena chose to ignore the actual contents of the box and instead tell Jimmy that she was looking at a banana wearing a Sideshow Bob wig. Her nervous insistence that she was totally telling the truth was enough for Jimmy to call out her deception.

Next it was Jimmy's turn. His box contained a Roman-style helmet filled with tiny rubber ducks. Like Lena, he chose to lie. She took no time at all to figure him out. "Like you could recognize a Barbie hot tub immediately," she scoffed.

Did things improve for Lena in the final round? Find out below:

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