The Look Of This Lego Guitar Is Impressive, But Wait Until You Hear Him Play It

Super cool.

One man just proved that Legos can be way more than little plastic toys.

Nicola Pavan, the carpenter and artist behind Pavan Wood Works, developed a colorful guitar made of Legos that is — yes — fully functional. 


"This is the second prototype of the lego guitar. The first had a mobile bridge and no glue so it was hard to keep on tone. This one has a few glue only near the screws and it works perfectly. The body is entirely made of legos with out any wood support," Pavan explains in a caption on a video of the guitar in action that he uploaded to YouTube.

Aside from the Lego guitar, Pavan has a unique collection of aesthetically-pleasing bases and guitars featured on his website.

Indeed, the Lego has proved quite an inspiration for artists all around the world.

"For certain creative types, the Lego brick... is not a toy but the perfect object," The New York Times' Ada Calhoun wrote in 2014. 

"The Cuban artist collective Los Carpinteros used the plastic bricks to construct their own versions of Soviet-era monuments... designer Karl Lagerfeld even created a Lego-inspired handbag for Chanel's spring 2013 collection... and artist Douglas Coupland [had] an exhibition in Vancouver that [featured] a suburb of 100 identical Lego houses, each one made from a 1969 kit," Calhoun reported.

Or take, for example, artist Sean Kenney, who creates extremely impressive, lifelike Lego structures that warrant a double, or even a triple take:

Perhaps every creative should have a box of Legos within reach.

See how the Lego guitar works in the video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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