Lego Wanted This Dad To Notice His Son's Creativity, So They Did Something Unexpected

"I promise to spend more time with you and fill your childhood with the best memories."

Lego isn't just about building blocks, it's about building relationships. 

In a recent ad, the toy company helped bring together a 6-year-old boy, Hsiao Feng, and his father in Taiwan. With the help of Hsiao Feng's mom, the Lego team put together a short surprise video of him playing with Legos and using his imagination. 

"This is my dad. He repairs and sells cars," Hsiao Feng says in the video, holding up a Lego figure. "This car I built is super strong. It's unbreakable. I will give this car to my dad. He will never have to repair it and wouldn't be so tired anymore." 

Then, one night the video was projected onto the a massive screen outside of the Taipei Arena, a stadium that Hsiao Feng's father passes on his way home from work. All of a sudden, he looks up and sees his son on the screen. Naturally, he takes out his cellphone to take video. 

"Hsiao Feng has always been very imaginative, but I never thought that he would use his imagination with the purpose of sharing my burden," he said to the Lego team after the surprise. "I can truly feel his affection." 

Then, he had a message for his son. Check it out in the video below: 


(H/T: Mashable

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