15 Daily Struggles That Are Too Real For Left-Handed People

Don't get left behind.

While only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed, there are many famous left-handed people out there, including recent U.S. Presidents such as Barack Obama. It's great that there are also special products designed just for left-handed people. But it still kinda sucks to be left-handed. In a world where everyone else is a righty, lefties could certainly use a hand … just not the left one.

Here are 15 everyday struggles that perfectly describe the problems of being left-handed:

1. This must hurt.

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2. Left-handed people go through this on a daily basis.

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3. The struggles of left-handed people in school.

As a left handed person...fuck.

4. Throwing a ball can be a challenge sometimes.

Jay Cutler tries to throw left handed, hits ref in the dick.

5. Get used to messy sandwiches.

Left handed/first world problems...

6. You'll need special scissors.

all scissors seem to be for right handed people

7. Writing in this binder can be tough.

3 ring binder

8. Good luck opening this can.

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9. Scooping anything can be crazy.

left handed problems

10. Eating ice cream is never the same.

11. Cutting an onion turns into a major task.

12. Learning to write with a different hand.

13. Cutting any food takes a toll.

14. Try holding a pen with the other hand.

15. Sharing food can be crazy


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