LeBron James Scores Premiere Of Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' In Akron, Ohio

He tackles the challenge of playing himself in the new comedy.

LeBron James doesn't have much left to prove. He's a four-time NBA MVP who's played in six NBA Finals, winning two before returning to the home state he spurned in glorious fashion five years ago and promising to win a title for starved Cleveland fans. He's still widening his skill set, though, and his newly forming acting chops will be on display for Ohioans before anyone else: LeBron is premiering Trainwreck in Akron, his hometown city.

The superstar appears in the movie as himself, who is Bill Hader's character's best friend and "love coach," because every sports doctor needs a little advice from his world-class athlete patient-friend every now and then. Trainwreck's world premiere is July 14 in New York and the wide release is July 17, but a select few will get to see the film Friday, July 10 at the Regal Montrose Stadium 12 in Akron.

Director Judd Apatow, and stars Hader and Amy Schumer — "who he's grown very close to," said a source close to LeBron — are expected to attend the showing. He's apparently "excited about having another opportunity to show off Northeast Ohio" and specifically wanted his co-stars to see Akron.

Schumer, the film's lead, seems fully onboard with the location of the premiere. She even jokingly mentioned that although James is kind of preoccupied with his primary job, she believes "he could have another career in acting if he wanted."


Schumer also tweeted out a picture to confirm the news, featuring LeBron's fashion-forward sensibilities:

Hader, for his part, is probably just cringing in anticipation of the scene where this happens right over him:


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