Here's How You Can Have Lunch With Leo And Donate To Charity At The Same Time

It might only cost you six bucks.

Leonardo DiCaprio is battling homelessness, one lunch at a time.

The actor and activist is part of a campaign to raise money for the 30,000 people who are homeless in Scotland. For $6, fans of DiCaprio can simultaneously donate to a charitable cause and enter to win a lunch with the actor.

Funds from the donations will go straight to Home, a new restaurant in Scotland that combines charity initiatives with its well-known food. Edinburgh Home raised close to $500,000 last year, and this year it is partnering with Social Bite and Maison Bleue to get even more. 

Money from last year's campaign, also done in conjunction with Social Bite, ended up feeding homeless people throughout Scotland. You can donate and enter here.

If you're lucky enough to win, you won't just get lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio. You will also get a $1,200 bottle of champagne, a one-night stay at the George Hotel, first-class travel to the restaurant, and you'll be joined at your exclusive lunch by the Chairman of the Scottish Business Awards Tom Hunter.

While he's in Scotland, DiCaprio is giving a speech at the Scottish Business Awards alongside Hunter.

"Leonardo is not only a famous actor, he is a pioneering environmentalist and committed philanthropist whose charitable work is making a global impact," Hunter told The Scotsman. "To have him address our nation's premier businesses and entrepreneurs is incredibly exciting."

Homelessness is not just an issue in Scotland, though. In the United States, more than 564,000 people were experiencing homelessness on any given night. The good news is that homelessness decreased overall by 2 percent between 2014 and 2015, meaning the average across the U.S. went from 18.3 homeless people per 10,000 to 17.7 per 10,000.

With more people like DiCaprio activating global citizens, that number may keep dropping.

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