Lea Michele Is Calling All Women To Empower One Another In Beautiful Essay

"We have to be willing to celebrate one another."

Lea Michele is joining in on the #SquadGoals movement. 

In an op-ed for The Daily Beast, the Scream Queens and former Glee star not only declared that women's self-expression is ignored, but also called on women to build each other up.

"Self-expression is vital to our identities and important for the future of our communities. Yet too often, women are not encouraged to express ourselves," she wrote. "We are held to unrealistic media standards, airbrushed in order to be more perfect, and even told to change the very things that make us unique to fit into a mold. Too often, female expression is stifled."

Instead, she hopes women will empower one another to use their voice and go after their dreams. She cites her own role models and support system in helping her use hers. 


"Working with actresses like Kate Hudson in 'Glee' and Emma Roberts in 'Scream Queens' has not only given me lifelong friends and confidants, but they have taught me a few things which I can share with others," she continued.

Lea Michele and her friends and co-stars.

Michele also expressed support for the #ActuallySheCan movement, which is a social media campaign meant to inspire women to do the things that they love, no matter what. 

According to the website, it's "a movement for those who aren't afraid to toss out what they don't want to make room for what they do. Because we believe focusing on the positive things in your life means less drama, more karma."

Basically, what Lea Michele is calling on both girls and women to do — together.

"We have to be diligent, we have to be willing to take risks, we have to be willing to celebrate one another and accept the challenges we face individually and collectively," she wrote.

Check out her full essay at The Daily Beast.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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