This Acid Attack Victim Is Taking A Bold, Brave And Beautiful Stand With Viva N Diva

Beauty lies in your strength.

Laxmi Agarwal is not your typical fashion model.

When she was only 15 years old, Agarwal was tragically attacked with acid by a man 17 years her senior because she refused his marriage proposal, according to The Daily Mail. The attack scarred her for life.

Agarwal now works with survivor support organizations such as to talk about what happened and to raise awareness for other victims. 

About 1500 acid attacks are reported every year, according to the BBC and the Acid Survivors Trust International.

But fashion company Viva N Diva is helping Agarwal take a bold, brave and beautiful stand.

As reports, designers Manan Shah and Rupesh Jhawar chose the 26-year-old because they saw "beauty in a very different way" and wanted "to capture it to give it a meaning" — and give her a platform.

You can watch Laxmi's "Face Of Courage" campaign video below to learn more.


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