Laverne Cox Is A Beacon Of Light In This Time Of Post-Election Reflection

"There is enough to go around."

Like many others who were rooting for Hillary Clinton (or at least against a Donald Trump victory), Laverne Cox was crestfallen with how the election turned out. As the results came in through the night, Cox took to Twitter to offer her followers a shoulder to cry on, reminding them to try to empathize with voters with whom they disagreed.


Weeks later and the Orange Is The New Black actress has had time to process the election result. In an interview with Marie Claire, Cox said that she's been doing a lot of thinking since Nov 8.

Again, she had a particularly poignant input about the rural white working class voters who saw in Trump an opportunity to turn Washington D.C. upside down. 

"I'm obviously a progressive and there are lots of people who don't believe the same things I do. I've been thinking a lot about what they might be feeling and I think they're feeling left out," she told journalist Emily Zemler. "So many of us feel scarcity. A lot of people think 'If this undocumented immigrant gets a job, they're taking it from me.' Or 'if this transgender person is able to have equal rights and access then they're taking something from me.' It's a scarcity narrative. If we can move from scarcity to abundance in our rhetoric and the ways we see ourselves and each other in the world, I think that will allow us to begin to believe that there's enough to go around. We can live in this world together because there is enough to go around."

Cox noted that she's been trying not to be too reactionary to Trump's unexpected victory. Instead, she said she was "encouraged" by the chance for artists like herself to speak up more. 

"These moments when artists can speak truth to power mean much more now than they have. It's about us continuing to elevate truth, trying to raise people's consciousness and not trying to divide people," she said. "That's where I think the arts will help most."

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