People Are Calling Him A 'Real Man' After The Way He Responded To His Wife's Concerns About Her Changing Body

"This isn't the body you fell in love with."

Becoming a new parent means having to adapt to new schedules, guidelines, and unexpected twists and turns.  And for new moms, it also means having to adjust to a post-pregnancy body, which can be very difficult for some.  

Laura Mazza was recently discussing her insecurities about her post-pregnancy body with her husband, Domenic. When she said to him, "This isn't the body you fell in love with," he gave a brilliant response.

In a Facebook post, The Mum on The Run blogger shared their exchange to show the importance of learning to love your body, and appreciating the miracles it can perform. 


" 'This isn't the body you fell in love with.' I said to him. The body he fell in love with was toned, it had muscles, there were no stretch marks on my belly, none on my boobs, no gut from muscle separation. The body he fell in love with fit into tight jeans, could walk into a shop and grab any size and walk out, knowing it fit. This body now couldn't shop at those stores, and mostly wears leggings. His body stayed the same, but mine changed in every way. It isn't fair ... I stood in front of him, exhausted and broken, the tears welled in my eyes, 'This isn't the body you fell in love with.' Then he said, 'You're right. It isn't the body I fell in love with. Instead it's a body that grew our children, it fed our children, it comforted our children, it made life. Your body is the one I fall in love with every day. I didn't know what love was until I saw this body and found out all it could do, so thank you.' Do not be ashamed of what you have, or what your mum body looks like, there's plenty of time to give up cake in the future, for now, enjoy the moments you have, and enjoy the fact that you have made something that is worth every stretch mark and every dimple. If you needed a reminder, this is it, this body you have now, its worth every bit of love and more. "

Since Mazza shared the post June 25, it has received over 12,000 likes and 34,000 shares.

One Facebook user commented, "This is awesome! And [something that] every woman [who has] ever had a child should read!"

Other dads are also responding with sweet stories about their wives.

One person said, "Amen! A real man would put cream on every mark and kiss every inch of your body that has changed ... because of the lovely creation you carried for him to be a father ... a real man will love you for your inner beauty and affection you have for him."

More men are using the opportunity to write open letters to their partners. One wrote, "Tamra, couldn't have said it better myself. You're the most beautiful woman alive to me, nothing could ever change how I see you. I'm as attracted to you now as I was the first time I ever saw you. You're truly my dream woman."

Another said, "That's right, Brooke Maloney. I love your body now more than ever. It gave us our beautiful baby girl, Nashlyn, who steals my heart again and again! And I have your beautiful body to thank for it. I love you with all my heart, Brooke!"


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