We Have No 'Bad Blood' Against This Newscaster's Taylor Swift-Filled Traffic Report

We weren't "...Ready For It."

Beyond providing helpful information to the masses, like what the temperature is, some newscasters build up a reputation for entertaining us — like doing the aforementioned with Madonna lyrics. One such person, Laura Hettiger of St. Louis-area TV fame, delivered a Taylor Swift-filled traffic report for KMOV that even caught the attention of the pop star herself.

In the viral Facebook video, Hettiger — after saying to "Shake It Off" in regards to the weather report — observes how there's a lot of "Blank Space" for the drive into downtown, notes that traffic looks good all over so there's no need to say "Look What You Made Me Do" — so much so one could have a "Love Story" with how smoothly things are moving, and tells folks to be "Fearless" when they head out for the day. A fellow anchor responded to Hettiger's segment like a pro, saying: "I just knew you were trouble when you walked in."

Watch Hettiger’s Swift-filled traffic report here:

We happen to think this "Gorgeous" newscaster did an excellent job at working in these TayTay-inspired song titles to let viewers know they can get to work, school, or wherever else they were going in "Style." Not in our "Wildest Dreams" did we expect Hettiger — who also hosts Great Day St. Louis — to deliver a traffic report like this, one that we would want to rewind just to "Begin Again." Seriously, we certainly weren't "...Ready For It" at all.

Apparently, the 27-year-old singer wasn't either and took to Twitter to applaud Hettiger:

This is the greatest local news performance since U.K. weatherwoman Sian Welby wowed us with Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed, Harry Potter-themed, Batman v. Superman-themed forecasts. Hettiger, we love you "Forever and Always."

(H/T: People)

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