This Hilarious Dad Is The King Of Writing Tardy Notes For His Children

"She came to the realization that 'cult life' is not for her."

When you have five kids, getting ready and out the door to school on time can be quite the challenge — Good thing Seth King has perfected the art of writing late notes for his kids.

Instead of just apologizing for their tardiness, King makes up ridiculous scenarios or goes into serious detail about all the factors contributing to his kids being late. 

The notes — written for Isabella, 15, Carson, 13, Sophia, 10, Nolan, 6, and Liam, 3 — are filled with hilarious excuses, amusing hashtags and the love he has for all his kids. 

He had hoped the late notes would help motivate his kids to change their ways and be on time. 

"I want them to know that life is hard and decisions have consequences, but above all, their parents love them, they're cared for, we have their back and it's important to smile, laugh and always look on the bright side," King told ABC News


Check out his hilarious notes below:

1. "Was Once Bare, Now Suddenly Hair."

2. "She was out late with her Vegan™ friends."

3. "#SheDidn'tChooseTheCultLife."

4. "We were up late celebrating Columbus Day."

5. "#HeDoesHisHomework."

6. "A Very Harry Christmas To Me."

7. "We are also teaching Liam about kleptomania."

8. "She feared the time continuum consequences of not finishing her mission."

9. "He was so in character, he lost track of time."

(H/T: ABC News)

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