13 People Share The Hobbies They Picked Up Later In Life, Proving It's Never Too Late To Try

What will you try next?

As we grow up, we may pick up hobbies that follow us through adulthood, but there are plenty of people proving it's never too late to learn a new hobby or change your path. 

Recently, Reddit user classycatman posed this question on Ask Reddit: "Redditors who discovered and mastered a new hobby in middle or late age, what was it, why did you start, and how did you master it?

One person answered saying they always wanted to try ceramics, so when they decided to go back to college "30 years later than planned," they figured they'd give it a try.

"I didn't expect to be good at it (art isn't really something I'm any good at) but it's so much fun and there's so much science in it. You can completely ignore the science part, or you can go full mad-scientist and experiment the hell out of it."

Another person says they decided to pick up their ukelele a couple years after drunkenly ordering it online. And someone else said that they've tried writing in the past, but it wasn't until they were in their 40s that they decided to share it with the world.

"I started writing at 42, sold a book at 45. I had tried writing at various times all my life but never had thought of really showing it to anyone until I got in my 40s. I just like to write. It gets everything out," the person writes. 

Not only does the thread churn up a ton of feel-good stories, but it is also filled with ideas and tips for those who need encouragement to try something new. 


1. Learning the ukelele.

2. Cross stitching.

3. Collecting facts.

4. Writing.

5. Playing the drums.

6. Metal detecting.

7. Knitting.

8. Learning animation.

9. Rowing.

10. Curling.

11. Programming.

12. Playing ice hockey and coaching.

13. Woodworking.

Cover photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash

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