Her Angry Father Thinks She Didn't Get Into College. But She Did...

Get the kleenex.

"Last Day Of School" is a beautiful short film produced for NTUC Income OrangeAid, who describe their mission on their website as "to secure the future of disadvantaged children and youth and help them achieve their full potential."

The film beautifully and poignantly illustrates the importance of allowing children to do everything they can and of the need for social services to ensure that children can exceed their parents' educational aspirations, even in tough financial situations.


The story begins with a young girl named Siew Fang, who has dreams of going to college...

... but must also work to care for her family.

And although her test scores could get her into college...

She is forced to make a difficult choice.

And the video will break your heart...

It's a reminder to be thankful for all we have.

Watch the video here.

The song you hear in the film is "Sapsorrow" by Lanterns On The Lake.


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