An NBA Player And An Ex-Soldier Just Reconnected After Being Pen Pals 14 Years Ago

"Support and reach out to our troops here and abroad."

Larry Nance Jr. just experienced a major blast from the past. The NBA player's pen pal from when he was just 10 years old — that's 14 years ago — just reached out to him on Twitter and they've reconnected. The most important part of the story? The woman was a U.S. soldier at the time and was deployed overseas, which explains why they meant enough to each other to hold on this long.


Bianca Snow, the veteran in question, took to Twitter last Friday to share the letters. Including multiple examples of the missives, Snow tweeted to Nance that he was her pen pal "many moons ago" while on tour overseas, and to tell him "it always meant alot [sic]" and that she was "glad your dreams came tru [sic]." 

(In the letters, Nance writes about basketball frequently — which makes sense because he followed in his father's footsteps, as Larry Nance Sr. was in the NBA, too.)

Nance, now 24 and playing for the L.A. Lakers, a few days later responded to Snow. "WOW! That's awesome! So cool you kept these... Please by [sic] my guest to a game this year. I would love to meet you!" Snow, of course, was quick to accept the offer, calling it "an honor."

This has inspired many on Twitter to send love to both Snow and Nance, the former for her service in helping protect the U.S. in what would have been the years following September 11, and the latter for his showing of love and thanks to those who serve in the military.

The outpour of support over this moment on social media and the friendship it is rekindling after all these years seems to mean a lot to Snow, who took to Facebook to express that she feels "deeply blessed" to have her story going viral.

"If there is anything that could be taken away from this, I hope it's to support and reach out to our troops here and abroad," Snow wrote. "You never know how much it will mean to them. Let them know you haven't forgot."

We can't wait to see these two meet for the first time at a basketball game this upcoming season. It's been 14 years in the making and we think a hug is long overdue.

(H/T: Twitter)

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